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Animal Trace Minerals Carlos Cortellezzi

Animal Trace Minerals

is a Natural Mineral Formula, harvested from an ancient seabed rock, found in very few places in the world. The nature of this chelated formula is the rare ingredients (such as heavy metals, diluted gases and oligo-elements) that are easily absorbable thus causing no toxicity. The high amount of silicon helps regenerate the cell membranes all over the body, increasing the speed of healing wounds and inflammations. These essential minerals are actually "montmorillonite minerals," a word coined for a type of mineral clay found in 1847 in Montmorillon in western France. Its composition and natural chellated properties have also been found in a mine in Nevada where Dr. Cortelezzi exclusively contracts to harvest the minerals for animals. These same minerals possess the multitude of healing properties of clays known since ancient Egyptian times. Dr. Cortelezzi did his studies out of passion for horse's health and has a long list of satisfied horse owners who used these minerals to save the lives of their Laminitic horses!

Trace Mineral Benefits

Trace Minerals is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-toxic agent. It works as an anti-arthritic, alone or combined with other anti-arthritic supplements. It increases the speed of growth of the skin, hair and hoof tissue. This effect can be seen in as soon as 20 days, where the old hair will fall off, being replaced by new short ones. It also generates a wide variety of enzymes that aid in the digestive process. It oxygenates the cells avoiding fatigue, which in turn enhances the overall performance of the horse. It improves all body functions by providing the essential trace minerals not found in today's grain.

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