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Do I need any other supplements?

No, If your horse is regularly doing high-stress workouts you may want to add a minor joint supplement.

Do I need to give my horse salt blocks?

Normal salt blocks have 8-10 minerals in them so it is not necessary to give them to your horses.

Are there any contradictions to the mineral?

Yes, If a horse has kidney disease; As stated on bottle Minerals or Salts should not be given.

Do I need other forms of hoof products?

No, We have a patent specifically for Laminitic horses. Our traditional uses are for hoof growth and we’re confident this will be the only product you need.

What can you tell me about your product?

I tell all my customers the same thing; It’s like life insurance for your horse. It has so many different uses ranging from regulated digestion to the prevention of Founder Disease.

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